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  1. Lynn Albachten says:

    Love ya girl – take care of Michael for me. So glad you are there with my kids. Enjoy every minute. Can’t wait to hear about what God is going to do in and through the lives of our group and the lives of the Guatemalan people.

  2. Vickie, Ben and Katie says:

    Teresa – Have an awesome time! Enjoy this special trip with your boys!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Teresa, the kids and I got together and prayed for you tonight. We miss you and we hope that you and the boys are having an amazing time! Kadence had a nice hit and a couple really good catches in her softball game. We love you!!

    Jeff & the kids

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Hi Hubby-
      Hi all childrens-
      I love you and miss you! I have been given the job of doing the team blog- and have had a hard time fitting in enough time to do even that, but… that doesn’t mean that you haven’t been on my mind and in my heart! The amount of love here is amazing- Christ’s spirit is so evident in the attitudes of Christ’s servants at the mission base, and in how they express themselves in the villages. In turn, the people there eat it up, and express their gratitude with lots of hugs, and smiles! It is a beautiful and rare picture of Christ’s love coming through our feeble and insufficient efforts to serve. I hope Chandler, Riley, and I can bring this home and live it out in America- we need it!

      Tell KK that I wish I could have been at her tournament- I’m sure she did great! I french braided Devon’s hair this morning, and it made me miss my own girls so much! Loving on the children here has helped to fill the need to have my own children around, however it is just not the same! The children here are so beautiful, though, and sweet, too. Maybe, when Guatemala opens its doors to adoption again, we could have 10 children?!? Or maybe more?!?

      Tell Parker and C.J. that the next opportunity to come here they are definitely coming! The land and people are wild and free from social expectations. They live a very daring and carefree life! They drive crazy, play freely, and seem to be on no time schedule at all. They work hard farming just to have enough to eat- but also just hang around a lot. Parker and C.J. would love it here!

      Ethan, I miss you very much! Even though I have been giving a lot of Hugs, I have saved the hugest one for him! Tell Ethan that the chickens, and all of the animals here are extremely skinny- they need and Ethan to take better care of them.

      Well, I’ve got to go now- we are heading way up in the mountains to do a medical clinic.

      Love you all!
      Teresa (Mom)

  4. Debbie Cowling says:

    I am so glad you were able to go on this trip. You are going to be a huge blessing to those you serve. Your heart for children is exactly what they need and your continued faithfulness to God’s call on your life is admirable. My prayer for you is that you find time to connect with God on a personal level and experience the joy he has with your obedience!

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      It is my complete pleasure to be here! Watching the way Dan Smith serves the Lord and gives his whole life has really touched me! You would be so proud of the way your hubby leads/loves/gives to this group! We have had an unreal amount of fun/tears- next time you should come! Love you, Debbie!

  5. Terri says:

    Teresa, thank you so much for your wonderful descriptions and your stories of the faith of our church kids and sponsors. Thank you for being “In His Service”. By being willing to give of your time, energy, and talents you offer our teens the opportunity of a lifetime. They get to SERVE GOD on the front lines! May God lead your steps to those who need His touch.
    Thank you again,

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Thank you, Terri! Micah is in my group! I love that kid! He is so very good with the kids! The boys of the village taught him how to make a bugle/horn out of these big palm tree leaves! What a racket they made blowing their horns!
      Thank you for the kind words- it is my pleasure to be here- I don’t know about the “energy” part, though! I feel like every muscle in my whole body aches!!!

  6. Jean MacDonald says:

    Thanks, Theresa, for posting the update. It is great to hear that all is going as planned. I will keep praying for you and the rest of the team as you make a huge impact for Christ in Guatemala.

  7. Sharla Joslyn says:

    Teresa, It is so exciting to hear about Guatemala through your eyes and to envision all that all of you are going through! I am so proud of you for going on this trip, I know what a sacrifice it is for you and for all of your family. But I also know we serve a Big God and he will take that sacrifice and bless all of you 10 times over for it! Can’t wait to hear more stories and we are all praying for you. We love you and are proud of you, Sharla and family

  8. Brielle Joslyn says:

    Hey Aunt Teresa i miss you so much im so excited to hear the stories that you have for us im praying for you and the team love you so much! love Brielle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      I love you, too, precious girl! These children are so sweet and beautiful with their big brown eyes- not like your pretty “ojos azules” (blue eyes)! I took lots of pictures to show you!

  9. Jaimy Stevens says:

    Teresa thanks for sharing what you guys did yesterday it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about what you guys are experiencing!!! The devotions can be pretty powerful and are some of my favorite memories!!! I am sure that you are loving all the beautiful little children and they are loving you right back!!! I am so proud of you for taking Gods leading going with this amazing group of young people!!I am sure this will be a trip you and your boys will never forget!! Looking forward to hearing all your stories!! Praying for you all:)
    Love Jaimy

  10. Peyton :) says:

    Hope you are having fun!!!! Every body misses you very much and can not wait till you get home!!!!

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Hey Pey!
      Thank you for your kind words- you would not believe that we could have out $160 worth of candy (dulce) in one or two days! The children here have absolutely nothing- they were jumping rope using a tree vine- but they are so happy! Nick ( a boy from our team) started a contest to see who could bring him a creature- then he paid a reward in candy. The boys found a caterpillar that was HUGE and FAT- it was even creepier than that one we found at Silver Lake. It had what looked like tree branches growing out of it!
      The children said that it was poisonous- that is o.k.- I didn’t want to touch it anyway!
      Love you!
      Aunt Teresa

  11. Jaimy Stevens says:

    P.s try and find Anna Susae (sp) for Ross

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Couldn’t find her- but Caspy was such a huge help and inspiration to me! I LOVE her! What a honey- she really stands out, doesn’t she!

  12. Lynn Albachten says:

    Anything of priority in the Kingdom is out of our league. When we serve in our church, we must never forget that we are dealing with people’s lives – their internal struggles and eternal destinies. Sincerity and sweat do not always suffice. God places us in positions beyond our capabilities so that we will be at HIS Absolute mercy, realizing that only HE can succeed.
    When you work for God, with your assignment comes the guarantee that you will be equipped for the job.

  13. Rich Joslyn says:

    Hi Teresa,
    It’s amazing isn’t it! Your on your second building day all ready. Dedication day tomorrow will be sooo God filled, I wish I was there. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Enjoy those beautiful happy children. Have you gone to the orphanage to see the adorable babies yet? Remember you can’t take them home!
    God bless you all,
    Sandi and Rich

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Yes! Dedication Day will never be forgotten in my memory of “God moments”! T…Yes- I did visit the orphange. I met a worker there named Lilia- when I tried to thank her for her dedication and love of the orphans there, she hugged me and hugged me and then almost squeezed me to death- then she kissed me! This was after taking care of babies and toddlers all day- she still had more love left to give!


  14. Kris Grace says:

    Hi Teresa, What a truly gifted heart that you have been blessed with and what an amazing journey it is leading you on this week. I am praying for you and the boys and the rest of the group that each of you may find that extra ingredient that God has planted in Guatemala just for you. I look forward to hearing of your trip when you return.
    Kris Grace

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Thank you, Kris, for your support- both financially, in encouragement, and in PRAYER!

  15. Jackie says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of Jaycee for me! We appreciate everything you are doing for me and are very proud that you are helping so many others! Take care and I will see you soon!

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      I have missed Jaycee since you guys moved out! Now I get her all to myself! Her and Riley have been fighting like sister and brother! Love it!

      • Jackie says:

        Jaycee has certainly missed living by you guys so much. She would love to just come over and spend every day with you guys just hanging out. I never knew how much the moved really affected her until recently. Hopefully she can spend some time just hanging out by your house this Summer. I know she would absolutely LOVE to hang out by your house. Thank you for watching over her this week. I am glad she has a “Mom” there to take care of her. We love and miss you all
        Love Jackie

  16. Denise says:

    Everyone is saying what an amazing time you are all having. Praise Jesus you are there and making a difference in the lives of people. Have a blessed time and be well and safe.

    Love, Denise Shaw

  17. Jim Maness says:

    Teresa – So glad that a designated “super mom” is on the trip with all of our young people. You have a wise mind and a sweet spirit. Am certain that means so much to all those on the team. We are praying for you – and trust this time will be one of those God moments for you as well as all those you serve. – Pastor Jim

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Thank You! I often deal with feeling so insufficient and have learned that I have to just get out of the way and let God lead and work! I am not super mom by any means- but thank you for your kind words! I feel so priviledeged to be here!

  18. Jeff & KK says:

    Teresa, KK is sitting here eating breakfast with me and wanted me to tell you how much she misses you. She is looking forward to her softball tournaments on Saturday and wishes that you were here to see her. She is loving on the little kittens, instead of going to bed! Parker just dragged himself out of bed and it is only 9:05. I think CJ is trying to take Chandler’s place as the sleepiest kid since Chandler is recently turning into an early riser. I don’t expect to see him until at least 10:30.

    You should know that we are not buried in laundry here like you thought we would be. However, the dirty clothes do seem to fall out of the sky. Just when all the clothes are clean another load appears out of nowhere. Also, since you have been gone, Allendale has been holding together as well. Only 1 restaurant has burned down (Los Aztecas) and I haven’t heard of any coach fights in the Little League.

    Wow!!!! As I am writing this, CJ woke up and Ethan was right behind him. I guess Anna gets the title of the Sleepiest Stevens Child.

    We will be praying for you today as you dedicate the houses. We pray that you will be introducing new brothers and sisters to Jesus today so he can start working on their Heavenly houses. We love you and miss you!

    Jeff & KK

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      We are up at 5:00 a.m. here! I’m thinking about setting a new policy when I get home! Sleep in over rated! I love you and miss you immensely (but not the laundry)!
      I love you!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi, mom I hope you are having a good time I wish I could be there with you LOVE kadence!

  20. kadence $tevens #9 says:

    I realllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy miss you. olny 4 more days till you come home. I might go to Uncle Tom’s party and Mollys going to be there i’m pretty excited. I have to go now bye MOM

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      I love you, too! Say hi to Uncle Tom, and tell Molly that I am looking forward to meeting her! I miss you! You would love to be here with me! Maybe next time I will take you along! Tell Anna and Brookie that the little girls and their moms were mobbing me- they all wanted one of her dresses- they kept saying “bonita, bonita!” Also, I found the “lost” dresses in the bottom of Chandler’s suitcase! Tell Chase that I will give the pictures that I made to the children who live way up in the mountains! I say a volcano the other day with real smoke and a little lava! Also, everyone goes down the road leading skinny cows, or with trailers with cows on them- the children ride on the top of the trucks, instead of inside. But most people don’t have any transportation. The roads are so bad that only 4x4s can get through. Most of the houses are made of tree branches or old metal leaned up against something. Women walk around with babies tied on their back and baskets on their heads. It is like being in a whole different world!
      Give all the children and Dad a hug from me!

  21. kadence $tevens #9 says:

    Are you having fun mom? well keep UP^ the good work.

  22. KK STEV says:

    Hey mom I wish you were here. I didn’t win my tournament but I did get a good play at second. did you bring your camera? I really wanted to see the valcano. but if you didn’t bring your camera I would like to know about it. and I met Molly at Parkers game yesterday. She is very nice. well I still need to wright to Riley & chandler so bye P.S. please wright back

  23. kadie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    7654321 i’m always counting down the days till you will come home

  24. FROM???????????? says:


  25. kk says:

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  26. kk says:

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  27. Jeff Stevens says:

    Teresa, sorry about the coded messages from Kadence. She obviously doesn’t have enough jobs to do so I will need to see what I can do about that. Now for an update on the homefront: Tom and Molly made it to Parker’s game just in time to see him make a double play at 2nd base. They also got to see him get 2 nice hits. His team won for the 2nd time. Kadence’s team lost their tournament but KK had a couple of nice plays at 2nd base and 1 in left field. She also got a couple of nice hits. Tom and Molly were there to see that too. I think they just wanted a reason to drive around in grandma’s convertible!! Parker got accepted to the Aviation Academy yesterday, yay! Anna was really happy to hear that her dresses were a hit. We will make sure that Brooke hears about it too. Ethan is doing really good but he isn’t too sure about coming to Guatemala to take care of their chickens and cows. CJ just wants to go swimming at Aunt Sharla’s house. Parker is helping Isaac sell things on Craig’s List and E-Bay. Isaac bought something at Good Will for $15 and the current bid is at $170, bet you can’t believe that. I think Parker & Co. should have their own pickers show. Tomorrow for Father’s Day we get to go swimming in a bayou. None of the kids are very excited about that idea. I think they are picturing a muddy hole with bugs and snakes. We will see how that goes, Grandma’s idea of course.

    I don’t think there is much else to tell you. We have been praying for you and hoping that Chandler is feeling better. We have also been praying for those who have been sick. I am glad to hear that Jaycee is keeping Riley in line but who is keeping Chandler in line??

    Chaisley just came in and wanted me to tell you that she loves you and misses you a lot!! She just blew some smooches your way and she can’t wait till you come back.

    Love, Jeff & Chaisley

    • Alexis Lemke says:

      Hi Hubby and Happy Father’s Day to you!!! I love you the bestest of all and can’t wait to see you again! I will have to keep my e-mail simple and short as there is a line behind me to use the computer. Today we drove 3 hours up into the mountains to a rather large village. It was by far the most beautiful place on Earth. We were driving through clouds believe it or not- it looked just like when you are in an airplane. There were no guard rails, and the dirt roads were very bumpy and narrow, wet and muddy. We could have fallen off the cliff, but guess what? WE DIDN’T! I have fairly much decided that I would love to live in this village! Anyway, I must go- I wll try to blog on the team post in the morning. Tell Chase that Devon is going to help me pick out something special just for her at the market tommorow.

      P.S. A whole bunch of people were saved tonight- lots of power and love and tears tonight- Praise God!

      Love You,

      • Teresa Stevens says:

        Hi Hubby!
        I guess it is good that Parker is making more money, and helping Andrew… Some of the teens started talking about him to Dan in the van yesterday. I told Dan that he is smart, and someday will be a powerhouse for the Lord, but that right now he is just a powerhouse. Dan said that he would love to have him come up here and hang out with him. I would love nothing more for Parker! I have been been in tears this week in prayer over him, and the potential he has. I love that kid soooo much! Being away for a while brings that realization back to me!

        Tell everyone Hi from me!

  28. Sheldon Shaw says:

    Teresa, it is so heart warming reading through your posts. I believe God uses you in amazing ways, and this week is no different. Thanks for being open to God’s leading and leading the way for others to do the same. Praying for you and team!

  29. Jaimy Stevens says:

    Teresa thank you so much for posting on the home page your word just seem to flow!!! I was a in tears reading it to Ross as was he we both can remember the amazing power of God and how Emotional this trip is just reading it brings it all back for me!! Only a few more days and believe me the last night is a doosy(sp) bring kleneex:) luv ya and can not wait to hear all about it from you and the boys!!!

  30. Sharla Joslyn says:

    Teresa thanks for taking the time to share about the trip because through your words we get to be right there beside you and can pray even harder for the challenges that you all are going through! We hope and pray that everyone is physically better and can be emotionally and physically ready for the last night! We are praying for changed lives and renewed spirits to come back to Allendale and light fires under us all! Love you, Sharla

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Yes, I have come realize that we just need to learn how to make our own opportunities and to be sensitive to people and their situations so as to witness. We need to witness with understanding, but also with boldness! I’ll pray that back home these opportunities will come… and we will not miss them!
      I love your heart, Sharla- so are so special to me!

  31. Lynn Albachten says:

    Teresa – Thank you so much my friend for all of the beautiful words you are using to share about everything God is doing in Guatemala. You continue to bring tears to my eyes as I read your posts. God is really working in the lives of the whole group. I read post after post and get all teary-eyed and goose bumps! I can’t wait to see you all and hear the stories in person, I look forward to seeing your faces when you describe your God sightings. Continued prayers for the last days. Tomorrow night be prepared for an incredible devotional time with Dan. From what I hear, all of the devo times are incredible. I have just been hearing that this one is quite something. God is using Dan to change lives for His Kingdom. Last, thank you so much for taking time away from your super dee duper family to be with all of the kids from Allendale as they shine their lights for Him. Hugs to you! Lynn πŸ™‚

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Let’s look for another church that is coming to Guatemala, and see if they have room for two more, then you and I could come here together. You would Love It! Just imagine Guatemala meets Lynn Albachten!?! You would Rock!

      Think about it. Just don’t tell Jeff of this plan just yet- LOL!

      • Lynn Albachten says:

        I am so there! With you would be amazing. I would love it for sure. Thanks for all of your comments and prayers. You are truly loved by all!! Thanks for taking good care of Michael. I wish, oh how I wish – he would post something before he leaves Guatemala. I was so excited and moved to read that he gave his testimony last night. Wow. What I would have given to be a fly on the wall to hear all of the testimonies of the students. God is so good. Thanks again. Love and hugs to you! See you tomorrow night. Lynn

  32. Josiah Postema says:

    Aunt Teresa,
    Happy Horsies! Race cars go fast down the road. The first car that won was me, Teagan, (and other friends). I love you and we will pray for you. Then a monster came and he bited and that’s it for the day. Bye, bye!

    Oh the random thoughts of 4 yr olds. πŸ™‚ But this is what he dictated, including the love and prayer part! Melt my heart. Kerry

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Hi Josiah,

      I am in Guatemala right now! Many people here have asked Jesus to be their savior! Jesus loves everyone- people with brown skin, as well as people with white skin like you and me! The Bible says that the angels in Heaven have a party when a person comes to Jesus! They must be having a big ol’ party!


  33. Kerry Postema says:

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated on the trip! God seems to work in amazing ways on these trips, and it’s nice for those of us at home to have a feel for that while it’s happening, and pray you through.

    We missed you at the Stevens family Father’s Day celebration yesterday! We didn’t get to go to the park b/c the weather looked nasty, but then it was beautiful by the time we met at church. Oh well… Ethan said he misses you!

    Thanks for your sacrifices for the kingdom! I’m sure you’ve loved on those kids as much as anyone can. πŸ™‚ And when you get home you’ll love on your own more than ever. We trust God’s light will shine even brighter through you as a result of this experience. And more people will be singing with us in eternity – Praise His Name!!!

    Love, Kerry

    • Teresa Stevens says:

      Thank you for writing me! Actually, the Guatemala children loved on me! They are soo sweet and beautiful! Thank you for your prayers- and YES! Praise God!


  34. Vicki says:

    Teresa, Our God is an Awsome God! Yes! I’m loving all your posts, you’re prayer coverage is great! Keep up our Fathers work, safe travels, Romans 8:28. Now I can (VERY FONDLY) call you an “Guatemala Geek!”

  35. Becki Visser says:

    I have poured over and enjoyed every word you have shared about the trip. You are a wonderful and Godly woman and I am thankful that you were one of the leaders and that you had the opportunity to go on this trip and experience all kinds of wonderful things. You are awesome and thank you again!

    • Jamie Curtis says:

      Hi Becky,

      This has been one of the best weeks of my life! God’s very real presence has been with us on this mountain- and in the villages, as well. I love being in His presence (being with these teens has been pretty cool, too)!

      Can’t wait to see you all- pray for safe and non-sick travels!

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