Joe Driesenga


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  1. Theresa Charron says:

    So proud of the work you are doing and the dedication you have. Have a great time and I will be praying for you.

  2. Lynn Albachten says:

    Joe – take good care of your mom. Give her some extra hugs. I hope you enjoy your time in Guatemala. God will bless you as you bless others. Thanks for your dedication to others.

  3. Ed Driesenga says:

    Hi bud,I hope you are having aawesome tme,your chickens and Copper are doing great.Take good care of Mom.I love you dad.

  4. Hi Joe!! What a wonderful experience. I hope you are doing well and having a great time! We are thinking & praying for you. XO ~Cheri, Brandon & Jackson

  5. Ed Driesenga says:

    Hi Joe.hope everthig is going great for all of you.I heard mom stayed back to rest today which i’m sure is the best thing for her.Back here me and Tyler and Danny and Cam went golfing. Tyler beat me, but Dan won. I hope building houses is going good and that you are enjoying the whole experience. Very proud of all the work you are doing, and stay safe. Oh, and grandma Driesenga is worried about you. Talk at you later, Dad.

  6. Lori says:

    Joe, Very proud of you! May God work in you and those around you this week and take care of your mom! Look forward to hearing stories from you when you get back. Lori

  7. Joe,
    I’m so proud of you and the rest of the team. Take time to play with the children. Know that during dedication today there will be many people praying with and for you. Take care of your mom.

  8. The Buists says:

    Hey buddy!!! Hope all things are going well. You having fun?! Hope to talk to you soon, you’re doing a great thing for the Lord!!

  9. dan says:

    Hey Joe just Got Done with ball tournaments cam and austin both won there divisions and got first place trophys. Sounds like you are having fun with the kids there. We are praying for all of you there and for you all to make a dfference. Sounds like you are having fun .Praise the lord,

  10. Jean MacDonald says:

    Glad to hear that things are going well there. Can you believe that 5 houses can be built in 3 day?. Hope all goes well at the medical clinic tonight. I am praying for you as you give of yourself to the Guatemalan people.

  11. Jim Maness says:

    Joe – try not to hog all the blogging time from everyone else…..actually, we so look forward to hearing your insight and stories when you return. You are so mighty in so many ways. May God bless you for the closing days. – Pastor Jim

  12. Wendy Esposito says:

    Hey Joe!!! So proud of the work you are doing! Stay safe and enjoy the experience.

  13. Sheldon Shaw says:

    Joe, you and the crew are in our prayers! Praying everything went great tonight! Can’t wait to hear the stories when everyone gets back!

  14. Ed Driesenga says:

    Hi Joe sounds like you guys are having an amazing time.It’s fathers day and I couldn’t be prouder of you and what you are doing for the people there.You are doing what Jim preached on this mourning which is to follow ME.Keep up the awesome work.Love dad.

  15. Lynn Albachten says:

    Good morning everyone – The Lord is blessing the Allendale area with a much needed storm, rain, wind, thunder and lightening. Awesome!! Thinking and praying for all of you on your last day in paradise. So proud of everyone for taking God’s leading and sharing the love of Christ with so many wonderful and beautiful people in Guatemala. Thank you all for sharing little bits and pieces of your adventure. You have been such a blessing to all of us back in the states. The world has been a better place because of your trip, due to all of us praying for you and your trip. So many more prayers have been prayed in the last week than usual. Praise the Lord! Enjoy your day shopping and relaxing with friends and family. Hugs to you all! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get home. Safety, health and love to you all! Be sure to keep your hearts and minds open to what God has in store for you all in many different ways. Heaven must be celebrating about all of the new followers from Guatemala. Thank you for your role in their new lives with Christ. We will continue to pray for Nancy that God will soften her heart and have the opportunity to welcome her into His mighty fold someday. Bless you all in mighty ways!!
    Hugs – Mom, Mrs. A, Lynn

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