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  1. Kevin Curtis says:

    Hey You!!!! Looks like you all got there in good standings. We all miss you already and Makenna only got up twice crying that she missed you last night! You are so loved. She did pitch 1 inning last night and did not allow a single run. She struck the first girl out, walked two batters and two girls made contact with they threw them out at first. She was pumped! Miss Tara did pull out Kenedie’s tooth, kind of. She actually just touched it and it just fell out. She put it under her pillow and got $10 from the tooth-stud! Can you believe that? We miss you tons already but we know you are doing amazing things, I have have the kids write again tonight! Dont worry about having to write us back because I can only imagine the line for the computer. Talk with you soon and spread your love down there as much as you can… Love Ya (K-Dog)

    • Jaimy says:

      The tooth stud????? Haha I might just pull my teeth out if it pays that well:) p.s no flat ironing wet hair this year!!!!!

  2. Arica says:

    Praying for you and your family while they are gone! I can’t wait to hear stories. Wish I was there

  3. Sherry Schut says:

    Hope you are having a great time….we will have to put a coffee together when you return and get caught up, so that we can hear all about how God used you to fill others around you with His amazing joy. Praying for both you and your family as I know it’s hard to be away from them when they are still so young, but they will LOVE YOU MORE as distance really does make the heart grow fonder! Also praying for your health, good weather and safety! Sherry

  4. Lynn Albachten says:

    Hey Chicka – You are the best!! So proud of you for making this trip again. You have so much to give to those in the group and for the wonderful people of Guatemala. Kevin will do great with the kids. Give an extra special hug to Michael and Sarah for me everyday, please. Bless you for being there and God will bless you in so many ways for having such a generous spirit. Hugs to you!

  5. Jaimy says:

    Praying for all of you guys there!! I like Arica wish I was there also!! I am so proud of you God has such an amazing way of bringing you back again!! I can only imagine ALL the lives that will be changed on this trip!!! I can not wait to read all the updates to bring me back again! Luv ya!!! Looking forward to Higgins next week and hearing your stories!!!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    first off -Kenna made all-stars!!!!!!! … and…. praying for you and the team!! 🙂 hope you are all well!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes we made it here late last night and were up at the crack of dawn. Long first day but we got the framing all done. It helped tons that I had a great team and Dan was on our team too. Super excited to hear about Makenna making All Stars and here first time pitching!!!

    Love you all!!
    Kevin~ Love and miss you! Thanks for taking care of my favorite 3 kiddos!!! See you when I get home!!!
    Makenna~ Congrats on All Stars and you firtst pitching. Love and miss you tons!
    Kenedie~ Good work toothless wonder!!! Love you tons!!!!
    Kaden~ Make sure you are helping daddy with all of the yard work and I love you sooo much!!!
    May be a few nights before I write again since I have people like Nick Suits sitting behind me bugging me to get off!!

    • Jackie says:

      I think someone needs to give Nick Suits a kick in the shin. Jaycee didn’t write too much to us either because Nick was sitting behind her bugging her to get off. I think I am going to have to have Rick take care of him when he gets back. Thank you for watching over Jaycee for me, I am so glad to have such an amazing mom step in to be a fill in mom for me!! Thanks for everything you are doing.

  8. Jim Crawley says:

    Jamie…thanks for helping to lead this group. There are alot of good kids and I am sure they are and will do great things! Be sure and rely on Andrew for whatever you need. he was really looking forward to going back. Take care!

  9. Pam Curtis says:

    Praying for you Jamie. Your family misses you but are doing great. We were over tonight trying to help with the yard work but Kevin got the most done after we left. Kenedie said that you told them to cheer Big Mac on last night and believe it or not they just sat in front of us the whole game and cheered. Helping to take your place (which they never could) but they tried. Stay safe and you are loved.

  10. Sharon says:

    Praying for you Jamie! You are so amazing! Sending a big hug your way! You will do amazing things on this trip! God calls us to be courageous and you are so doing it! Love you, girl!

  11. So glad that you all made it safely!! Praying for continued safety as you all travel to your different work locations and that God will lead you in the days to come as you do His work! Love you!!

  12. Sharla Joslyn says:

    Oh cannot believe the day has come for you all to be in Guatemala! It brings tears to my eyes as I envision what you are doing and the people you are helping, and most of all the spiritual connection you all will have! I can’t wait to hear all the stories and am so proud of you for going again and giving of yourself. Love you girl!

  13. Brielle Joslyn says:

    Ms.Jamie i am so excited to hear all the stories you have to share. praying for you and the team! so excited to see you and miss you! Brielle

  14. Jaimy Stevens says:

    I am so proud of you!!! Prayers coming your way!!!!!!

  15. Chris Harmsen says:

    Been thinking and praying for you all day! I am so happy and proud that you are working in Lily’s birth country!!!! Lil said she would like a brother AND sister…hope you can work on that 😉 Miss you and love you!!!

  16. Kevin Curtis says:

    Hey Babe… Hope you guys had a great day today. Cool story from your favorite SF office in Standale. I had an IFR with a lady today and I opened my meeting with telling her the purpose of the meeting and I also wanted her to get to know me as well. When the meeting was all done about 45 min later I went to close and she asked why I didnt share much about me so she could get to know me… Funny, so I told her about the office, kids, you, and the trip you are on. She was so happy to hear and even asked at the end if she could pray with me about your trip and that you guys would be covered in the Holy Spirit and be a huge blessing down there. Who knows, maybe you guys needed a little extra prayers down there at 11:15 am today. Pretty cool Huh! Love ya tons and we will talk soon enough.

  17. Rich Joslyn says:

    Hi Jamie girl,
    Just think dedication day tomorrow! Gods got BIG plans I know it. Praying for all of you.
    Someday we’ll go again, if our old bodies can take it!
    God bless you,
    Sandi and Rich

  18. Nancy Dyke says:

    So, you made it back! If you hang around for 3 more weeks, we can be together down there again! I know that you will be a big blessing to many people this week. I’ll be praying for you and the group to make a big impact and for changed lives – both Guatemalans and yourselves.
    Love ya, Nancy

  19. Makenna says:

    Hi mommy i miss you so much.On my game i pitched 1 strick out then walked then hit but got out at first then walked then got a hit but got out at first.I struck then walked.We lost by 3.I will see you on tuesday.

  20. Vickie, Ben and Katie says:

    how is Kim?

  21. Jamie,
    I’m so jealous that you’re down there and I”m not this week. I hope you are finding it a blessing for both the team and the families you are working with. Thank you so much for leading this team, I trust they will find it everything that i have on my trips down there. Please realize there are a lot of people praying for you.

  22. Jamie says:

    Well it is dedication day already and we have some sick people. Yes I am one of them but I took the magic white pill and am feeling better already. Satan thinks he can win this battle but he is wrong. It has been an amazing week already and I am amazed at these students hearts and williness to serve. The boys have been gentlemen and are taking great care of the girls. I am so excited to see what God continues to do in their hearts this week. I love you all.
    Kevin I love and miss you so much. Loving having your smell on my blanket though. I loved that story too. Tell the kids I love them and am so proud of them. I know this isn’t easy for them and I am proud of how brave they have been. Tell them only 4 more big sleeps until I get home. Thanks for all of the prayers they have been felt!!!

  23. Michelle says:

    Thank you for taking care of my Kimmy! I hope you feel better!

  24. Becki Visser says:

    I am sorry to hear you are sick and hope that magic pill helps. You said others were sick as well so I am unfortunately assuming that Mitch is still under the weather. And I am sorry that others are sick as well. (sad face…..) I am thoroughly enjoying reading all of your posts and we back home are grateful for any and all news. You have an army back here praying for all of you! Give my boy (I mean young man) a hug for me please!

    • Jamie says:

      Becky as of last night Mitch was doing better. Still a little stuffy but that is it. He has been a blast on this trip!!!! I am so excited that he is filming a lot of this trip!!!

  25. Jim Maness says:

    Jamie — Your family is doing well in the neighborhood. Kevin may be exhausted trying to accomplish the honey-do list (my words – not his). So glad that you have gone to be “a mom / big sis” type to all of our youth. You are amazing! May God refresh you for each moment before you.
    – Pastor Jim

  26. Debbie Cowling says:

    I am so glad that you are a part of this awesome opportunity. I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, but I know you will not let that hold you back! You are a strong momma!! We are praying for your physical strength and for the strength of the rest of the team. Hang in there!!

  27. Jim Crawley says:

    I hope you are feeling back to normal. That pill does wonders but faith does even more….no wonder you are feeling better! I am jealous that you are back and I am not but God put you there for a reason and we are so glad that he did! Thanks for guiding our young men and women. It seems like they are doing wonderful things, just as we expected!

    Take care and God Bless!


    • Jamie says:

      Jim, Andrew was on my buiilding team and all I can say is that he is a ton of help. We had an amzing team. I have loved getting to know him better and he and Nick have made sure I feel at home by constantly picking on me. We are having a blast!!!

  28. Kevin says:

    Hope you are doing better babe… I heard the dedication day went great. I am so proud of all you guys down there. Please cherish the next few days and pour as much love into everyone as you can, including the team. We are off to Kenna’s game, 1st game at 9am and if they win they play again at 1pm. It is going to be super hot here today so lets hope for the best! We bought her a new helmet last night and she loves it. They also talked me into buying them all UnderArmor sandlas, Ross is going to be so proud! We are doing good here, so no worries about us. Picking up the trailer today and then we will start to get ready for the big camping trip when you get back. Love you tons and be safe, praying for you big time everyday.

    • Jamie says:

      Love you too and make sure you give Kenna and extra cheer for me today. I miss you guys tons but man these little brown hair brown eyed kids are stealing my heart too. Dan told me there are 2 ways around the adoption thing!!! 😉 Just kidding. We are off to our first medical clinic today. I am still not feeling the greatest but not horrible either. Love yo ulotss and look forward, well sort of, to our camping week together. I am first looking forward to a few hot showers and my bed!!!!!

  29. Jamie says:

    Well yesterday was an amazing day to say the least. Finishing off our houses and then coming together to dedicate them was so amazing. Watching these students pour out their hearts into the families and children here has been incredible. Not one of us will leave here unchanged. I wish I had time to tell each parent something special that their child has done but literally they have ALL been amazing. God is working in their hearts and I see them softening to what God has in store for them the rest of the week. Still be praying as there are just a few people still sick. We are praying for complete health when they wake up this am. We did get almost 8 hours of sleep last night. Love you all and thanks for the words of encouragement!!

  30. Russ & Vicki Wierenga says:

    Hi Jamie – Russell & Dayton’s parents here 🙂 We just wanted to thank you again for being on this trip with this huge group of kiddos. I know it can’t be easy being away from your own “tribe” but we are very greatful to your faithfulness to these kids and to our Lord. We continue to hold all of you in prayer as you go out to the medical clinics and keep changing lives.

    • Jamie Curtis says:

      Thank you very much!! We are having a blast and I wouldn’t trade this trip for anything. Your boys are such sweetie’s and super fun. All of the boys this week have been gentlemen and treating the girls with such kindness. Actually right now Russell is doing the dishes for several people. It made my day the other day when they were talking about being each others best friends. That’s awesome!!!!

  31. Rich Joslyn says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Praying for all to feel well again! Praying for souls for Christ tonight and Sunday.
    Love hearing about the trip and all the great words of praise for our teens.
    God bless,

  32. Jamie Curtis says:

    so glad i get to spend the week with the best gentlemen that i have ever met in my life…Nick, Micah, and Andrew! they are the most amazing young men i have ever met! i hope my son growns up to be half as amazing as they are..especially nick! i feel as if i need to poop, i will write later

  33. makenna says:

    Hey mommy my torment did not go so well.I struck out 1 time then walked.We lost by 3.The last inning we had some good hits Brooke got a triple and a double.Ella got a double.I will see you on tuesday.-Makenna

  34. Vicki ferrier says:

    We are praying for you daily dear friend…hope you are feeling much better, don’t forget to put on the whole armor of God, May He give you everything you need as you serve Him:-) love you much!!!

  35. Kevin says:

    Hope you had a great day! We love you, miss you, & can’t wait to see you in a few days!!!!

  36. Jenn says:

    I hope you are feeling much better today, i miss you tons and i think when you get back we should go on a date and talk all about your trip. Thank you for being the person you are. You’re awesome and you are doing AMAZING things..thank you for looking out for Jaycee too.

    Love you.

  37. Sheldon Shaw says:

    Praying that everyone feels better. Thanks for pulling for everybody even when you dont’ feel at 100 percent. Praying for a great time of minitry, too!

  38. Jamie says:

    Happy Fathers Day!!! I wrote a super long one an hour ago but it never poseted and now the line is too long to re-write it. I hope Operation Fathers Day Suprise went over well.Love you!!!!!

    • Kevin says:

      Operation Father’s Day was a huge success! Thank you so much, it was awesome. I felt extremely loved even with you being countries away. AND the best thing was that you and the kids kept it a big secret, AMAZING. I had no idea. We had a great day. We went to Lansing to have dinner with my grandpa, parents, Jen, Mark, and the girls. I convinced them to go the Tavern on the Square (Downtown Lansing). I liked it and hoped everyone else did. My parents have the kids tonight and I am scrambling to get everything done! Wish me luck… Love you tons and I will see you soon. Looking forward to 5pm tomorrow night! 🙂 We are having a praying meeting tomorrow night at church for you all! Super cool and I am going to try to take the kids.

  39. Sharla Joslyn says:

    Jamie I hope u are feeling better and so are the rest of the team. You all are still in our prayers constantly! Your family have been keeping themselves the selves extremely busy we so I think the time has flown by! What an awesome wife you are for such a great plan for Kevin on fathers day! See you soon

  40. Kevin says:

    Hey Babe… I think it is time for you to come home! I cant take Bella in bed with me anymore. She is more of a bed hog than one one of our kids! 🙂

  41. Sharon Bylsma says:

    HI Jamie. Sure hope you are feeling better… sounds like it is an amazing experience. How awesome to hear of Praying for you daily. Operation Father’s Day was awesome! You are such an amazing wife! Kevin sure was surprited. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you and hear your stories! Praying these last few days go well for you and the the whole team. See you soon! ~Sharon

    • Jamie Curtis says:

      Love you girl and miss you tons! We have to get together sometime next week when we get home from camping!!!

  42. Pam Curtis says:

    Your kids are all tucked in bed (on the floor) withTori and Elli. They called your dad and wished him a happy Father’s Day. Had a great time with Kevin and everyone with Grandpa. After today only one more big sleep until you are home. The kids were staying tomorrow night too but Kenna wants to be home. She is her mother’s daughter. Loves being home which is so cool. Stay safe and strong. Love ya.

    • Jamie Curtis says:

      Thanks for all of your help this week and making sure Kevin got to church for his surprise. I hope it went well. If the kids are still there give them a kiss for me. I’ll talk to you soon!!! Love you!

  43. Jamie Curtis says:

    Yay I am so glad that everything worked out for your fathers day surprise. Now you know what I was up to when I was on the computer!!!! ;0)

    So tonight we went to our second medical clinic and man was it a hike to get there. We were way up in the mountains and the trek to get there was interesting to say the least. Beautiful, bumpy, and lots of steap hills!!!! Once again the students blew me away. I so wish I could capture the images I have in my head of some of the most precious moments here. There would be some very proud parents. Toinght after the medical clinic while singing in front of the village, I saw tears, hand raised high, and passion in every student at some point. I have a strong feeling that a handful of the baptisms that will take place next sunday night will come from these changed students. Super excited to hear that there is a prayer meeting tomorrow night for us. Obviously we could use the prayers for travel, but also for tomorrow nights devo’s. It will be incredible!!!! I wrote it in the post that didn’t post but last night Nick, Jaycee, Russell and I gave our testamonies at the village. Nick totally made himself vulnerable and told his story. Loved seeing his true self with tears rolling down his cheek. Then tonight it was Katie (an intern), Dayton, Kim, Danni, Micah, Michael, and Brandon sharing their stories. Incedible once again!!!!

    Anways…. Love you all and miss you tons. Tomorrow is shopping day…..

  44. Lynn Albachten says:

    Good morning everyone – The Lord is blessing the Allendale area with a much needed storm, rain, wind, thunder and lightening. Awesome!! Thinking and praying for all of you on your last day in paradise. So proud of everyone for taking God’s leading and sharing the love of Christ with so many wonderful and beautiful people in Guatemala. Thank you all for sharing little bits and pieces of your adventure. You have been such a blessing to all of us back in the states. The world has been a better place because of your trip, due to all of us praying for you and your trip. So many more prayers have been prayed in the last week than usual. Praise the Lord! Enjoy your day shopping and relaxing with friends and family. Hugs to you all! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get home. Safety, health and love to you all! Be sure to keep your hearts and minds open to what God has in store for you all in many different ways. Heaven must be celebrating about all of the new followers from Guatemala. Thank you for your role in their new lives with Christ. We will continue to pray for Nancy that God will soften her heart and have the opportunity to welcome her into His mighty fold someday. Bless you all in mighty ways!!
    Hugs – Mom, Mrs. A, Lynn

  45. Jamie curtis says:

    Makenna, Kaden and Kenedie I am coming home tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to see you and give you big hugs!!!! i hope you had fun at Nana and Papa’s last night. Oh and great job making sure daddy didn’t oversleep for church yesterday. I love you tons and will see you very very soon!!!! Don’t worry Nick is making sure I laugh constantly!!!! Give daddy a kiss for me!!!

  46. pamela austin says:

    Jamie I know God has blessed you on this mission trip, can’t wait to hear all your stories. Thanks for being the wonderful mother you are…..God Bless you and your family….big day tomorrow,,HOME

  47. Jamie Curtis says:

    Wow I absolutely love these kids!!! What an amazing night spent in worship and at the foot of the cross. Hearts were broken, tears were shed and lives were changed tonight. I pray that they leave here stronger and are lights that shine brightly into this world. Lights out and power out so I have to finish short. 😦

  48. Jaycee Westerling says:

    Mama Jamie, you are such a strong and beautiful women. I look up to you so much and thank you for being there for me during this week! Thank you for wiping my tears and making me laugh uncontrolably. You have been my rock this week and I don’t think I would be able to do it if it wasn’t for you! You are fantastic(; By the way… FATHERS DAY! & that 10$ offer is still availible.

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