Danielle Snyder


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  1. Jim Crawley says:

    Hey Dani!

    I hope you had a great first day. Hopefully it was a mix of work and fun. Gotta love those beans and rice! Take care! Jim

  2. Cavina says:

    Hi, Dani Hope your enjoying yourself. Take care

  3. Russ & Vicki Wierenga says:

    Dani! We are thinking & praying for you 🙂 I bet you guys are tired but having a good time, can’t wait to hear about it, soak it all in – what a great experience. Miss you all and looking forward to seeing what happens this week! Hugs to you cutie!!

  4. Ryan & Maria Snyder says:

    Hi Dani, we hope your first day was amazing. I’m sure your going to be exhausted but its so worth it. We are so proud of you. Have a great day tomorrow. We love you so much. Love Mom, Dad, Christina & Buddy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Have a great trip! So glad you can have this opportunity – I am sure it will be life changing!

  6. Hobbins Family says:

    D money,
    We are praying for you. I know you will have an amazing experience!

  7. Diane Westrick says:

    Dani, I am so excited for you to be experiencing this time in another country! I always keep a journal whenever I’m in Haiti so I don’t forget details like names and stuff. Write stuff down if you don’t want to forget things! Praying for you to be a blessing to those you meet and also that you are blessed by your time there! Love, Diane W.

  8. Kristie Kulikamp says:

    What a way to start off your Summer, so excited for you! We will be praying for you this week and know that God is going to do amazing things in your heart ! It will change your life forever. Have fun shinning your light with those around you…enjoy every moment! Don’t let those little ones beat you in soccer to bad…I hear they are pretty fast 🙂 Love ya ❤

  9. Ingrid & Mike TerHorst says:

    Dani! How was your first day in Guatemala!? I’m sure it was amazing!! This is going to be such a awesome experience for you and we can’t wait to hear about all the details! We are praying and thinking of you and hope this week goes well!! Love, Mike, Ingrid (& carly:))

  10. Ryan & Maria Snyder says:

    Good morning Dani. Hope all is good with you and you’re having a awesome time. Just about to go into my prayer time and just letting you know that you and the others are COVERED UP! In prayer. Have a great day and remember that all you are doing is for the Kingdom. So work hard and Live out Loud! We love you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dani –

    Praying you have a wonderful growing experience throughout this trip. I know these first few days are hard work but it is so rewarding to get those relationships started. Have fun loving all the people you come in contact with and pointing them to Christ. It’s an awesome time for you and the others there. Remember many prayers are being said for all of you and for those you will touch this week. Lots of love

    PS – Hope your shoes are “pink” today from the beautiful stucco!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dani ~ What you are doing is so wonderful. We are lifting you and the rest of the group up in prayer, so know that you are blanketed with God’s grace as you do His work! Enjoy this experience. It will provide you with memories for a lifetime! You are meeting people that will touch your heart forever 🙂

    Pam, Greg and Alex DeJong

  13. Lou Snyder says:

    Good morning Dani-Glad that you have arrived safely and that you are already being the hands and feet of Jesus. What an awesome experience for you!!!! We are praying for you and all the others in the group that God will keep you all safe and healthy during this time that you are building “His” kingdom. We love you 🙂 Grandpa and Grandma

  14. Curt & Kris Moran says:

    Dani – Hope you are doing well! I’m sure you are showing those boys how to build those houses, after seeing your building projects….pretty sure you have it down. 🙂 But seriously, we are so proud of you! We are praying for you. Have Fun & Stay Safe! Love you!

  15. Christina Snyder says:

    Dani!!! I hope everything is going well down in Guatemala. We are praying that you will share God’s word with the hurting and the lost and that many people will be brought to him through you and the whole team!! This is a great thing you are doing, and I wish I could be there to experience this with you. Have fun be safe and just know your doing all this to further his kingdom! We love you and mis you a ton and Buddy does as well! Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences and for you to come home. It’s kinda lonely here without you, not much to do lol. Hope to hear from you soon!!!! Love you

  16. Danielle Snyder says:

    Hey mom, dad, christina, grandma, grandpa, and anybody else that wrote to me haha we just got back from the village! i finally got some time on the computer to write to you! im having a great time! the children in the village are so adorable. i met this little boy named Henry who is deaf and im pretty sure he really likes me. he always wants me to hold him its so cute. the people in the village are super nice and helpful. so much different from the people in mississippi… they always want to help. we have given away so much candy already. all the kids ask for it and you just have to give it to them. today we did stucco on the houses and i was named the stucco queen and apparently my new nickname is stucco 🙂 haha its a two hour time difference so its only 6 right now… kinda messes with you but its all good! the food is amazing!!!! at the base and at the village it is sooo good! i thought i was gonna lose some weight down here but probably not gonna happen lol. its crazy to see how happy the people are down here. they have so little yet they think they have so much! i cant wait to see what God has planned for the rest of the trip… i can tell he has already been working in many lives. i love you guys soooooooooo much! thanks for all the prayers and support! keep them coming please 🙂 hopefully i get to get back on here again sometime soon but there is usally a really long line… cant wait to see you guys soon and tell you all my stories in person… they are so much better! i miss you guys! love you!!!

    • Becki Visser says:

      Dani–thank you so much for sharing your day and your thoughts! You are truly a beautiful young lady inside and out and I am so happy you are having this experience. Mitch’s mom. 🙂

  17. Heather Ulberg says:

    Dani~ Keeping you close in our prayers this week! Glad to hear things are well & that you are letting your “Little Light Shine”! Stay safe & enjoy the remainder of your week! Hugs~Justin, Heather & Rowyn

  18. Ryan and Maria Snyder says:

    Good morning Stucco! What a joy it is to hear you are doing so well. It alway amazes me to hear that people who have so little, think they have so much. While here in America, we keep fighting for more. Really puts things in perspective. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Keep up the good work and remember that it’s all for the Glory, Honor and Praise of Christ. We love you and can’t wait to see you. Love, Mom,Dad, and Christina.
    P.S. No, Henry won’t fit in your suitcase. 😉

  19. Dani,
    I’m so glad you’re finding the country and people as wonderful as I have. It is an amazing place and it seems like the blessings you provide come back at you multiplied. Please know there are many people back here praying for you and the team.

  20. Jim Maness says:

    Hi Danielle – It seems like you are a can-do gal who can build on a house project, play with the kids and help people stay encouraged if things get going tough. So glad you are on this amazing team. Stay encouraged – we love hearing how God is working through you! – Pastor Jim

  21. Becky Bakale says:

    Good Friday Morning Danielle,
    Be BLESSED because you are a BLESSING to all those you will come in contact with!
    Watch over those nephews of mine! ENJOY all GOD has created and be WOWED!!
    LOVE & BLESSINGS~ Becky Bakale

  22. Shelly Holstege says:

    Praying for you Dani!!! Sounds like you’re having an amazing experience. You’re a blessing to anyone around you!! Keep living for Him!! Can’t wait to talk to you when you get back!!

  23. Lou Snyder says:

    Hi there Dani-was so good to hear from you and it sounds like they are working you pretty hard-maybe you’ll want to become a professional builder-especially if you can use stucco :)!!!! Can’t wait to hear about the amazing things that God is doing thru your testimony and the sharing of love that you are giving to the families that you come in contact with. What an awesome experience to see the faces of the family that gets the new homes-we are blessed beyond measure and still seek for more. All of you will come back with a life changing experience. Shine your light this week Dani-and we’ll give God ALL the glory :)!!!!! Love you lots- G and G Snyder

  24. Christina Snyder says:

    Dani, please bring Henry home with you 🙂 That is all.
    Good day ❤

  25. Jim Crawley says:

    Hey Stucco Queen! Its funny how we end up wearing almost as much as the house does! Not sure if you were building with Andrew, but if so, hopefully he did not toss or spill any your way(accidentally, of course). Wasn’t the home dedication powerful? The impact you have had on that family is beyond your own comprehension. Thank you for spreading The Word through your actions! Take care and enjoy the interaction with the people at the medical clinics!


  26. Ryan & Maria Snyder says:

    Good morning Danielle. We miss you so much but know that you are working for the Kingdom. My heart is so sad that you had to say goodbye to Henry. I know that was really hard on you as was the dedication yesterday. Keep letting your light shine. You are making a difference and changing lives. We Love You! Mom, Dad, Christina & Buddy

  27. Sheldon Shaw says:

    Danielle, way to go on the stucco! Been praying for you and the teams that the houses will go up smoothly and hearts will be receptive. Sounds like you were instrumental in both of those prayers. Way to go!

  28. Lou Snyder says:

    Good morning Dani-Just to let you know that we are still praying for you and your teammates. Hope you have a very meaningful worship service today as you praise God in this far off country. Isn’t it awesome that this God of the universe is present in so many places at the same time :)!!!! Enjoy “HIS” handiwork of creation on this day – praying that you will be blessed. We love you so much and miss you too!!!!! Love always, Grandma and Grandpa

  29. Ryan and Maria Snyder says:

    Good Morning Dani. Wow, can’t believe the week is already almost done. Hope everything is going well for you and the whole group and everyone is healthy and strong. Praying that God will continue to be with you as the week winds down to a close still using you for His Glory. Have an awesome day, we miss you and can’t wait to see you and talk to you about all the awesome ways he has used you and the rest. We Love You! Mom, Dad and Christina.

  30. kim dunn says:

    Hi Dani, It sounds like you guys are having an amazing experience. I can see that huge smile of yours putting people at ease and wanting to hear what you have to say. You are one of the happiest people I know and I am sure that shines through. It’s wonderful that you chose to do this, you are changing lives for eternity. We wish you the best on the rest of your trip. You’re in our prayers. Kim, Jeff and Josh Dunn

  31. Lou Snyder says:

    Good morning Dani-Am going out for my morning walk but thought I would send a quick note . I hope you have a good day-still shining your light for “His” glory. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories of your life-changing experiences. I’m glad we are going to have a whole week together at the cottage when you’ll be able to share with us :)!! Enjoy the day and we will be praying for safety in travel for all of you tomorrow as you head for home. We love you-see you soon-
    Love always, Grandpa and Grandma 🙂

  32. Lynn Albachten says:

    Good morning everyone – The Lord is blessing the Allendale area with a much needed storm, rain, wind, thunder and lightening. Awesome!! Thinking and praying for all of you on your last day in paradise. So proud of everyone for taking God’s leading and sharing the love of Christ with so many wonderful and beautiful people in Guatemala. Thank you all for sharing little bits and pieces of your adventure. You have been such a blessing to all of us back in the states. The world has been a better place because of your trip, due to all of us praying for you and your trip. So many more prayers have been prayed in the last week than usual. Praise the Lord! Enjoy your day shopping and relaxing with friends and family. Hugs to you all! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get home. Safety, health and love to you all! Be sure to keep your hearts and minds open to what God has in store for you all in many different ways. Heaven must be celebrating about all of the new followers from Guatemala. Thank you for your role in their new lives with Christ. We will continue to pray for Nancy that God will soften her heart and have the opportunity to welcome her into His mighty fold someday. Bless you all in mighty ways!!
    Hugs – Mom, Mrs. A, Lynn

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