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  1. Kevin says:

    How’s it going dude??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chandler, hope your Spanish is working for you. We miss you and we are praying for you.

    Love Dad and the kids!

  3. JoJo says:

    Chan chan the cheer leading man 🙂

    have a safe and fun trip 🙂 i want to here all about it. ❤

  4. Kris says:

    Hi Chandler! I am so excited that you got to make this trip! I hope to hear you tell of how you taught the boys to play baseball and play guitar while you were there! Embrace every moment that comes along during the next ten days. You will remember them for the rest of your life!
    Many prayers,
    Kris Grace

  5. Debbie Cowling says:

    I found your Gift Card…. 🙂
    I know you are having a great time! May you continue to be a blessing to those you are serving. Hug Chris for me too!! 😉

  6. Sharla Joslyn says:

    Chandler, Can’t wait to see how God is going to use you and how he will also inspire you through this trip! I am so proud of you for taking the leap and going and can’t wait to hear all about it!
    We all love you, Aunt Sharla

  7. Jaimy Stevens says:

    Hey Chandler I hope you are feeling better and your tooth is not giving you any more troubles!!! Uncle Ross and I are so proud of you and know this trip is going to be amazing for you!!! I am sure all of the little kids are hanging all over you as many of your cousins do!!! You are definatly a special young man!!! we love you and can’t wait to hear all your stories!!!
    Love Aunt Jaimy

  8. Brielle Joslyn says:

    Hi chandler i am so excited to see you and praying for you! Love Brielle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jaimy Stevens says:

    P.s try and find Anna Susae (sp) for uncle Ross

  10. Kris Grace says:

    Hey Chandler! It’s day two — how are you doing? I hope that you have sore muscles at the end of the day but a heart filled with the Spirit and with love for the people you are working for and with when you wake each morning! You can tackle anything that comes your way as long as you let God guide you this week. Be careful!
    Miss Kris

  11. Chandler says:

    Hola all! I am having a great time so far! Guatemala is really is as amazing as i hoped it would be, it is a lot different though! But anyways, so far our trip has consisted of building homes. The first day we arrived at our village and put up the frames and the drywall of the homes. Well doing this, we met some pretty cool kids and i made a new friend! After we returned home, we did some of the coolest devotionals that I have ever experienced! We started off with singing, and then Dan talked. I think that what made this different from any other devotional was that Dan made sure that we were involved in it. Overall this was a good day! On day two, we went to the village and stuccoed the houses. Through much hard work and some intense stucco fights, we got the job done! After this, we put the roofs up and then took some time to go play with the kids. (So far the kids are my favorite part, especially my little buddy!) When we got back to the base, me, Dayton, Micah, and Russell went down to the Open Doors Orphanage were we each got our own little baby girl! We carried them around for like the rest of the night! In closing, this was another well spent day!


    • Russ & Vicki Wierenga says:

      Oh goodness Chandler…you just made me well up a bit with tears. Thanks for the post of what you are all doing, I know it’s hard to get computer time so it’s great to see what all you kids post to get an understanding of what you are experiencing. We are all praying for you and are so proud of you. God is doing amazing things thru you guys! Stay safe, have fun and keep doing what God is putting on your heart. You are a great, great role model! Hugs to you buddy!

    • Jackie says:

      You just brought me to tears also, how amazing is it to hear that 4 young boy went over to the Orphanage and spent time holding the babies. That just melts my heart! I am so glad that you are having such an amazing experience. Watch over Jaycee for me, I know you will take good care of her too. She probably is really enjoying spending time with you again. She really misses living right down the street from you and being able to hang out whenever she wanted too. Take care Chandler and keep up the great work!! We love and miss you all!!!

  12. Jean MacDonald says:

    Thanks for your posting.I love to hear how things are going there. I can’t believe that it has been 6 years since I took this trip. Keep up the good work there and I will keep praying here.
    Love you,
    Aunt Jean

  13. Chandler,
    I hope glad all is well and that you’re getting some time to spend with the kids. Please realize tomorrow as you do the home dedications many people will be praying for you and the team. Have a great time.

  14. Becki Visser says:

    Thanks for your update! It sounds wonderful and we parents and family here crave any andy every word we hear of your experience so THANK YOU from all of us!!!
    Mitch’s mom 🙂

  15. Jim Maness says:

    Chandler – Thanks for sharing of your day with us. How powerful to hold little ones in an orphanage setting. So glad that you are being used by God and that God is blessing you every step of the way. We are praying for you! Keep having fun – help Nick Suits to stay out of the hospital! – Pastor Jim

  16. Kadence says:

    hey chandler i really miss you and i hope you are having a good time kadence $tevens!!!!!!

  17. kadence $tevens #9 says:

    keep UP^ the ggggggggggoooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd work. KADENCE

  18. Jeff Stevens says:

    Chandler, we are praying hard for you today as you complete the houses and dedicate them to the families. I hope that you are putting your Spanish to good use. From the rumors that I have heard you are spackling people more than the houses. Keep up the good work and love on those kids! We are all proud of you and we miss you.

    Love, Dad

  19. Terri says:

    Chandler- Thank you so much for your detailed post. You made me cry many tears of joy!! I could just picture you boys caring tenderly for those little girls. You have such a great heart. I pray that you will have the strength and courage to spend the rest of your days WELL!! Thanks again for taking the time to describe your experiences for us. Love you, Terri

  20. Kris Grace says:

    Hi Chandler! The Lord is at work in your own heart and hands as you minister and live with those around you in Guatemala this week. Keep the smile on your face and in your heart and know that all of us back home are praying for the blessings that will flow from you, through you and to you during this journey. Much peach and many prayers, Kris Grace

  21. Chandler says:

    Hey all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I haven’t really had much time. But anyways, the last days here have been super cool! Yesterday was our last day at the village building homes. We got there put up the roofs and then painted and detailed the insides.

  22. Chandler says:

    Whoops I had to go and sort out some rice and beans for the medical clinic and so I couldn’t finish my thought! But anyways, we put up the roofs and painted and then we dedicated the homes. This was easily the best part of the whole trip so far, with eight of the nine people accepting Christ! After this though, we had to say goodbye to all the little kids that we had made friends with, and it was really sad! I had to say goodbye to my little buddy Aldo too! But anyways, this day really gave me a new perspective and it was a day that I will never forget!

  23. keik wad stevens or also known kadence says:

    Hey Chandler I miss you and Riley

  24. kk says:

    -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-do you like my patern?

  25. Chaisley Stevens says:

    Mahkyew, I really miss you and I hope that you come back soon. Have a great time in Guatemala.

    Adios, Chaisley

  26. Sheldon Shaw says:

    Chandler, you are an amazing man of God! Way to serve strong on the buildings and then care for even the “least of these.” We are praying for you and proud of you.

  27. Sharla Joslyn says:

    So proud to call you my nephew Chandler and so glad you get to experience what an amazing God we serve while serving the least of these! Love you Aunt Sharla

  28. Lynn Albachten says:

    Good morning everyone – The Lord is blessing the Allendale area with a much needed storm, rain, wind, thunder and lightening. Awesome!! Thinking and praying for all of you on your last day in paradise. So proud of everyone for taking God’s leading and sharing the love of Christ with so many wonderful and beautiful people in Guatemala. Thank you all for sharing little bits and pieces of your adventure. You have been such a blessing to all of us back in the states. The world has been a better place because of your trip, due to all of us praying for you and your trip. So many more prayers have been prayed in the last week than usual. Praise the Lord! Enjoy your day shopping and relaxing with friends and family. Hugs to you all! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get home. Safety, health and love to you all! Be sure to keep your hearts and minds open to what God has in store for you all in many different ways. Heaven must be celebrating about all of the new followers from Guatemala. Thank you for your role in their new lives with Christ. We will continue to pray for Nancy that God will soften her heart and have the opportunity to welcome her into His mighty fold someday. Bless you all in mighty ways!!
    Hugs – Mom, Mrs. A, Lynn

  29. Aunt Kerry says:

    We’ve been praying, but just found the blog. We’re happy to hear you’re having a great trip! It’s clear that God is using you to show His love to the Guatemalans! Thanks for being willing to be used by and for the Lord!

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