Can’t Wait to Get Home- Don’t Want to Leave!

Today I am stuck, the memories are in my heart. I guess the Lord’s presence was so very real. Love, Forgiveness, Relief, Honesty, Purity, Truth, Friendship, and New Hope, Steadiness and Peace. God is so good. Last night each of the kids cried with each other, many sobbing for almost two hours, and then just quietly sat in the presence of the Lord together for much longer. It was beautiful to see each one making their rounds to pray for others. Not just their closer friends, either. Kids prayed over ministry leaders, brothers and sisters in Christ selflessly and equally lifting up specific needs on behalf of each other. Beautiful hearts! After that, at about midnight we sang, “The Days of Elijah” song and danced like crazy people! In that song some words are- “There’s no God like Jehovah” and “The demons run and flee at the mention of your name, King of Majesty.” All I can say is that what we experienced last night was Heaven right here and now…and Heaven is going to be so….indescribable!


P.S. No worries- we did not let our beautiful Dani kiss the man at the market- even though he offered her a Guatemalan blanket for free!

P.S.S. Jim and Terri- just wait until you see your son and his new threads!

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