Ready Yourself

2 Timothy 2:10
Therefore, I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory!

Yesterday we traveled to a coastal village to bring the gospel so that the people there might obtain savation through Jesus Christ with eternal glory!!! For me, the “endure everything” part of this verse meant to hang in there with the car sickness and the extreme heat, bright sun and still, humid, thick air. As we wntered the village down a rugged path, passing an elderly, toothless, man riding a paint horse with a colt following, I let God calm my nerves, asking for the millionth time for his peace. These people probably had never seen white people before, and had they seen the love our Lord? Or hear his powerful name? JESUS! The people took a while to warm up to us. I took a 2 month old baby from a teenage looking mom, who had a crying toddler at her legs. Several kids from our group started up a soccer game- the guatemalan boys were quick to join in. Laughing, cheering and silliness soon broke the ice! Chandler had an excellent head ball right in the air to Nikki, who headed it as well- a double head ball! Then came thunder, lightening, and glorious rain! It cooled things off, and the kids loved playing in the downpour! Bill was goalie- he dove grab the ball and was instantly full of mud! I taught a group of children to play Uno using only smiles, gestures, high fives, and hugs, since I don’t speak Mayan spanish too well. They acted as if they had never seen a deck of cards before. But, when we were done- they would timidly smile and say, “Otra vec.” So we played again and again until they caught on!

After that , we played the Jesus film on a sheet hanging from a roof edge. Then we sang the song, “Sing until the whole world hears.” Some words in that song are, “Ready Yourself, Ready Yourself, let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night.” Then it was testimony time. Which of the kids would stand up? I hope someone comes up. Silence… At least someone needs to share…Oh dear…silence… Then Nick stood and shared stories from his past. As Dan translated, the people were very quietly hanging on his every word. Then Russ came up and shyly, but bravely encouraged the people in the way of the Lord. Next, Jaycee shared some of her struggles and how good Jesus is to walk beside us, and how he never lets us go it alone. Then Jamie Curtis shared of an extremely traumatic event from her past. God truly uses our troubles and tribulations for His glory! In all things God works for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

Hermano Jesus gave a strong message to the people as our group mixed in among the people and prayed. Many kids had tears running down their faces. Mitch, who usually has that handsome, quirky smile of his was in tears over these people he barely knew.

I believe God pointed out to me that he would raise up a new leader from this village, a 20ish year old man in a black shirt. I whispered this to Peg. We both prayed hard over him. In the middle of the message, he got up and left… maybe I was wrong? A minute later, he returned carrying a little child. He went directly to the front of the people, threw himself down on the ground, his face on the wet cement in front of him and then he cried and prayed out loud. As he wept, he accepted Christ into his heart, as many others came up behind him.

Friends and family back home,

Love to you all,
Teresa Stevens

P.S. No worries…Chris killed the big spider that decided to sleep along with Sarah in her bunk bed at about midnight last night…but just to be safe Sarah slept with Brittany in the top bunk!

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2 Responses to Ready Yourself

  1. Kathy Zylstra says:

    It just gives me chills to read of what you have accomplished. God bless all of you and thank you for being such great deciples of Christ!!

  2. Karen VanSlooten says:

    Just hearing what you are experiencing down there and how the Spirit is moving and using all of you to reach others for Christ is soooo amazing. Teresa, you are a gifted writer, thanks for sharing with us back home. So anxious to see and hear more…..

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