Guatemala here we are!!! We arrived safely late last night and crashed in bed. This morning all of us were eager to see what the Guatemalan countryside looked like. It is wild with lush plant life, flowers, and tropical plants. It is NOT FLAT! The mountains are awe inspiring- we even saw the volcanos erupt! Don’t worry, parents, we didn’t let any of the kids get lava between their toes! After going up one mountain side and down another for an hour and a half, we can to the refuge camp, where we were to build our houses. It was extremely HOT and sunny. You would be proud to see how hard all the kids worked! We constructed metal frames my screwing them together and then stood them on end. Later, we hung and mudded dry wall. All the time, we loved on the children. They are beautiful with their sweet brown eyes. Mostly, they are very very loving and helpful (however, Micah had to break up a village brawl using his freakish man strength among three preschool age boys). Tonight we had Lasangna and yeast rolls for supper- it was very good. After supper, we went to devotions and had praise and worship. Jaycee insisted that we sing the song, Potter’s Hand. It was as if we were in Heaven in the Lord’s very own presence. He has been so good to us today. I am realizing on a even bigger scale how God is so close, so real, so good, so powerful, and so, so WORTHY!
-Love you all!-
In His Service,
Teresa Stevens

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  1. Karen VanSlooten says:

    WOW!! Sounds amazing. I’m picturing the group singing Potter’s Hand and have goosebumps just thinking about it. God is going to do amazing things I’m sure. Thanks for sharing Teresa.

  2. Jaimy Stevens says:

    I have tears in my eyes reading this I can imagine this as if I were there and it excites me to know what you all are experiencing!!! Luv you all
    Yes Thanks for sharing

  3. Cherrie Selk says:

    I cried too! It sounds like you’ve already touched the lifes of those around you!! I’m so excited to hear about the amazing things you’ve done and I’m looking forward to hearing so many more. Thanks for sharing Teresa.

  4. Jordan says:

    i have been crying all night over this blog i wish i was there playing and hanging out with my family i fell so deeply for! 🙂 i am glad everyone is having such a wonderful experience.

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